What Are The eCommerce Shipping Options & Solutions To Boost You Sales?

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What Are The eCommerce Shipping Options & Solutions To Boost You Sales?

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If you are into online business that requires transportation across a territory, you should consider an appropriate shipping option as it can make or break the business. eCommerce business suffers if the material is not sent through a proper channel.

In such a scenario, it becomes all the more important to opt for a relevant shipping option that can boost your sales. Take the following course and you will find yourself in the lead.

Choose the appropriate Add-On shipping solutions

You should choose the add on solutions so that your business needs get streamlined.

Appropriate Shipping Providers

You should choose the appropriate courier provider for meeting your eCommerce needs. It will not save you money but valuable time also and your client will always appreciate your sincerity.

Process Automation

Different shipping process in an automated mode can be handled by plug in and logistic services. Some of these are pick up and drop notifications and different kinds of email notifications. Use these to your advantage and your eCommerce shipping needs will be catered to in the true sense.

After the plug ins have been added, fee charges in regard to shipping of orders have to be calculated. You can do so in the following manner:


Distinct shipping rates as per location, weight and size of the shipment can be set. The shipping options can be configured in this manner. You can also set up zones for different shipping locations with which you might be dealing.

In some cases when flat rate shipping is being done , the calculation is based on the cartons that might be needed. The fee applicable in such cases is always calculated according to height and weight of boxes.

The shipping fee is also charged for specific items. This is known as per product shipping. It is a convenient option for eCommerce business users as they can set up extra fee for products that might need unique care.

Keep a printout of invoice and slips

You can keep a track of your shipment with help of packaging slips and printed invoices. The shipping labels will help you keep track of material that you might have sent.

Giving customers the option of store pickup

In cases, when you wish to avoid the cumbersome shipping process, you can give the customers the option of picking up the product from the local store. However, you need to have multiple warehouses in such cases. Local warehouses also help reduce the shipping cost for online sellers.

Giving the freedom of management of shipping option to customers

The customers can also be given the freedom to manage or change the shipping options. They can either pick up the product from the nearby store or optimize courier shipment. This generates the much needed confidence among the customers and the business providers.

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