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The ‘Shopper’s Paradise’ is what India should be called. Online Shopping from Indian websites is easy but getting delivery abroad is not.As a result it discourages people to shop from India.

How myway2india helps you shop Indian products?

Indian websites are full of exciting products,Indian wear, Handicrafts,Home Decor,Leather,Books are most popular. Indians and Non-Indians always plan to buy their favorite merchandise from India The problem a global shopper faces during Online Shopping is the websites ask for an Indian address for delivery.

myway2india provides you with an Indian Address for delivery.

Once the signup process is complete many websites do not accept your International Card or they do not deliver out of India.

Send us the Link we will buy and ship globally to you.


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Which Address will you give for Online Shopping in India?

You will be required to give a delivery address for shopping in India. The address is the following:

Your Name


B3B/17C,Janak Puri,

New Delhi-110058

shop and ship from India

How do I pay for Shopping?

We would like you to pay directly to the web store for your purchases. In case your credit card is not accepted we are there to help you. Our home page at the bottom right corner has the Paypal link on the button PayNow.

You can pay us via Paypal and send us the links of the products you want to shop from India. We will buy for you.

Which Shipping companies you use for global delivery?

We use the DHL, FedEx,Aramex and postal service for global deliveries. The rates are very economical and you save a lot of money on the shipping cost. In case you need the cheapest option we can ship by Indian Post. Our deliveries are 100% accurate so no need to worry about that issue.

How many days can you keep my purchased products?

We can keep your products free of cost in our warehouse for up to 15 days till you complete the shopping in India. In case you need immediate delivery we will ship it the day we receive the merchandise.

Do you provide insurance?

Yes, all the shipped goods are automatically insured by our company before shipping.

Do I have to take your membership?

No, myway2india does not have any kind of membership. Our strict policy is not to take any membership fees. Our focus is on helping our customers to shop from India. We want our customers to be free. We do not need any information about you. You just start shopping and give the delivery address as mentioned above.

Can you help me shop if I visit India?

Yes, please go through our Delhi Local Tour blog we help our customers by engaging our Personal Shoppers when you are in India. The shoppers take you to the best markets and help you in all possible ways. It’s a very safe, unique and time-saving shopping tour.

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