At myway2india we make shopping, sourcing from India a smooth affair. We are moving packages worldwide with a commitment to get them delivered on time, every time to your door. Our customers are located in all the continents who are always delighted with our efforts. The negotiated rates we have with Global carriers like DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, Aramex reduce the shipping cost by up to 60 % for our esteemed clients. We can also use EMS post for delivery of goods which can further reduce the shipping cost.

Tracking Facility: Each and every shipment has a unique tracking number which will help you to check status of your shipment. Our customer service is live 24 hours, should you have any query it’s answered immediately.

Free Packing: When you shop from multiple web stores we get merchandise on different date, time. Once we get all your purchases we confirm it with you once given go ahead we consolidate it properly in one box or boxes extra care is administered to check the strength of the container. This service is totally free of cost.

Free Custom Paperwork: Our professional team does all the custom related documentation for you. All that is in the box is documented in the custom invoice, depending on country we adjust the documentation to make it easy for customs in your country to clear the shipment.

Door to Door Delivery: We will ensure that you receive the goods in the time frame we promise to you. We can proudly announce we cover US , Canada, Europe, Gulf, Singapore, Hong Kong , Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc in less than 3 working days.

Feedback: We keep in touch with our customers to help them whenever they require any service in India again. Effective feedback from you always helps us improve the level of our service. Whether you are an individual, group, organisation, business unit we encourage you to share your experience with myway2india on Google reviews or social media.

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