How to Save Money on International Courier Services?

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How to Save Money on International Courier Services?

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight

Volume Weight Calculation

In order to understand the importance of international shipping, we need to first understand the value International trade adds to our lives. International trade between different countries is an important factor in raising living standards, providing employment and enabling consumers to enjoy a greater variety of goods. The first step to start the International trade is sending an expression of interest via mail or international courier services. After that again samples are exchanged via International courier services. Then comes the approval, terms, and exchange of goods and money.

International Courier Services


  • Fast Delivery
  • Tracking Facility
  • Faster Feedback
  • Better Custom Clearance
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Efficient Use of Time & Funds
  • Insurance
  • Global E-Commerce Support
  • Connecting Global Families through Gifts etc

How to reduce International Courier Services cost?

Remove Unwanted Packing

All of the International Courier Services providers offer courier rates based on the weight and dimensions of the package, which is it’s important to pack their products as per utility and not unnecessarily adding paddings, sturdy packages, etc., ultimately adding up to secondary and tertiary packaging.

Reduce Dimension or Volume Weight

International Courier Services providers have to look into the fact of how much space the packet is taking in the Aeroplane? The chargeable weight is higher of the actual or Volume weight. The picture below will clear doubts. Its better to reduce the unnecessary dimension of the box if possible. Why pay more?

international courier services

Use Aggregators like myway2india for International Courier Services

Shipping aggregators like myway2india have a tie-up with big International Courier Services providers like the DHL/FedEx facilitate cheaper rates on orders. They are just a call away or even easier just send a Whatsapp message ( 09811266614 ) for any query or pick-up. They know which company offers the best service to which continent at the best price.

Like in case the charges of DHL is more on the certain sector but the FedEx offers equally good service at half the price! or vise Versa. Certain sectors like Gulf are covered by Aramex so instead of paying hugely on DHL or FedEx the customer saves on shipping through Aramex at half the prices.

Postal Shipping Advantage

It’s best when you don’t have an Urgent parcel. Shipping internationally, postal shipping is a wise option, especially when you want to reduce your costs. However, one of the disadvantages of postal shipping is its unreliable online tracking.

They provide you with a computerized slip as shown below on which the tracking number is mentioned. When you’re focusing on costs, postal shipping can be the best for international shipping. In India, you can ship your products as parcels through India post.

International Courier Services

International Courier Services

Finally, it is possible to take the headache out of shipping internationally, simply hire a fulfillment service of

In most cases, the shipper will pay a flat rate per order and the fulfillment service will manage packing, labeling, shipping, and door delivery in a foreign country.

This is particularly helpful for people who have no knowledge of sending International Courier packets. The team will take the pickup and the shipper pays an agreed amount and rest is taken care of by the company. The parents of Indian students studying abroad fall into this category. Many entrepreneurs who have just started and have little knowledge can also benefit from this fulfillment services.


If you plan to take services of international courier services, it’s better to use the services of the aggregators like myway2india. This saves money and easy to rely on. Not only it would save money but also get your parcel or envelope delivered fast. They will also advise you on how to reduce the shipping cost which will further help you hugely on reducing the courier delivery cost.

Blog writer: Ajay Singh Makhloga

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