is the first Shopping and Shipping website of India! A one-stop shop for all your needs, we offer you utilities and services that you’d spend hours searching for, in one place. With our dedicated team of professionals, we organize all your Shopping and Shipping needs, while providing you with a ton of ancillary services that you’d not get under one roof (or website) like ours!

myway2india is a unique express delivery company – the first of its kind in India as it meets all of your needs with a click of your device. Doesn’t matter, if you are a local resident or an NRI, a trader or a manufacturer, our gates are forever open to meet your needs in the most efficient manner.


Instead of you asking us a question, we asked one from our side. Why would you – smart person – choose us from all the other services available across the globe? We’re sure you aren’t expecting a silly reply, and we aren’t going to give you one.

We offer you the opportunity to shop from multiple websites, consolidate your packages, save you up to 60% on global shipping, provide you with express services, and are available at your beck and call 24x7. Now, that might not make a ton of sense to you, but we want you to explore. Give us the chance to serve you, and find out for yourself why we excel at what we do.

We are in the business of fulfilling our customers’ needs. And that comes with an express promise to perform. We don’t take those words lightly, and live up to that motto with all our hearts.

and open the doors to a whole new world!

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