Who really uses International Courier Service from India to USA?

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Who really uses International Courier Service from India to USA?


India has a diverse culture people are innovative and now no more risk-averse. The cities have grown exponentially wealth creation is very common, the quest for knowledge is ever increasing. The Indian business houses, manufacturing units are making world-class products which they are selling globally. As the world is shrinking the middle class is moving around outside India thus acquiring new vision exploring new possibilities. Not only that new India is also welcoming a large number of foreign tourists to see and admire our culture and diversity. A tourist does a lot of shopping as India is a hub of unique products which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Indian Shopping includes designer wear, textile, ayurvedic and herbal creams, Handicrafts, Cotton Bedsheets, and many other products which they find of utility for themselves.Shopping and Shipping can be boosted once the people have the choice of sending it safely,cheaply and fast to all the International destinations.

"steel lion depicting make in india drive of the Indian government"
Steel Lion symbolising “Make in India” drive of the Indian Government

As India is growing in world economic environment it has now become the fifth largest economy in the World. The need of connecting with the world has grown multifold. Here we will discuss who really uses the International Courier service in India and what are the best options available.


"handicraft wooden mirror frame from India"

Export is the measurement of the prosperity of a Nation. It makes India self-reliant. Export promotion is precondition for economic development thus uplifting the quality of living of the millions.There are now millions of online indian shopping stores offering high quality products that appeal to Indian as well as Overseas customers. India has converted its uneducated class to a rich society with high class IT skills and with English being a language widely spoken and understood it gives an edge to the Indian exporters.

Students Planning to Study Overseas

"Indian computer engineers planning to study abroad"

A lot of Indian Students plan to study in International Universities. Submitting the required documents timely is very important. Many International Courier companies have special pricing for students. myway2india has a special package where a student can send an envelope up to 500 gms for INR 2400 for an urgent 2 days delivery worldwide and INR1400 for all non-urgent 4 days courier delivery through the DHL.

Individuals Relocating out of India

A lot of Indians relocate to International destinations some for a few months or years others permanently relocate for good. The need to find good service with reasonable pricing is most sort after once a person decides to go abroad.

Excess Baggage Delivery From India

By sending the excess baggage one can easily skip the long queues at the airport and avoid being charged heavily by the airline. Whether you’re going on a holiday, planning a party abroad or just want to have a working holiday or going abroad for any reason excess baggage can always be a headache. The excess baggage should be handed over at least 3-5 days in advance.

Parents of Indian Students Studying Abroad

Indian families are closely knit and if a member of the family that too a young child studying abroad then sending a gift or something that the child needs becomes a priority. The parents always try to keep in touch with them what better option than a pocket-friendly International Courier Service like myway2india. Most of the parents are unaware of the customs formalities and paperwork. A company which can provide a door to door service with doing all the paperwork themselves is an International Courier Service of choice for the parents.

"students enjoying after graduation"

Foreigners Shipping out of India

India has over 10 million tourists arriving every year! The tourist always buys Indian products like Home Decor, Handicrafts, Textile, Herbal Medicines etc but they have a problem how to send them back at a cheap price. Foreigners looking for a reliable service which can handle packaging and has the best International Service. What’s the solution? myway2india.com has many solutions for foreigners who plan to ship their shopped merchandise. All paperwork, packing, and providing all possible methods to send is the core competency of the company. All they have to do is ping a message on +9811266614 through WhatsApp or SMS rest everything is taken care of by the company. The company provides Door to Door delivery to 220 countries across the Globe.

"shopping and shipping services for foreigners in India"
Foreigners can ship out of India

Online Sellers

India has millions of online sellers and the trend of buying Indian products through Online Shopping India is increasing exponentially every year. Online sellers get International customers who want shopped products to be delivered at their door. The cross border shopping is a new trend with more and more people getting interesting purchases made.Online Shopping in India is a great way to buy products at a cheaper price with International quality and unique trend.

Need to Ship Internationally?

Leave an email : support@myway2india.com or b3b17c@gmail.com

Skype : bluestar2424 or Whatsapp : +91-9811266614 / 7827275050

"Ajay Singh Makhloga founder of myway2india.com"
Ajay S Makhloga
Blogger & founder , myway2india.com

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