Unbelievable, how Indian exporters benefit from sharing details on myway2india

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Unbelievable, how Indian exporters benefit from sharing details on myway2india

export from india and earn dollors

In this blog, we will tell you how to get a global buyer through a blog post. Getting an export order is the major task of any export business. Every business small or big has its own market strategies to obtain export orders. Without receiving an export order, the company can not survive. It becomes increasingly more difficult when you’re at the start of the venture or are just trying to source international buyers for the first time. Exporting your goods and services to a foreign country is never easy. As an owner of an export firm, you focus on the strategies to get export orders. How to obtain export orders? First, you need the attention of the prospective buyer, a blog dedicated to your products explaining in detail can really make you stand out in the crowd. Also, you need to make the buyer understand that you have the best product with the best shipping options easy on the pocket.

The trending blog if properly used in social media and the internet can surely help in building the confidence of the International buyer. Indian exporters have a lot of platforms like many directories, B2B, B2C but a blog shared on the Shopping, Shipping & Sourcing website myway2india.com will create unique selling opportunities to the Indian exporter.

Buyers will find you through myway2india

 The Digital world has changed each human being in the world widely for the past two decades. Internet presence plays a vital role in all sectors, especially in international business. Getting a contract with a foreign buyer is a herculean task. The market is always changing and you should follow those changes to have appropriate strategies and tactics to approach clients. Why not think out of the box? myway2india will make your job simple by describing yourself, your products and easy shipping options under one platform to the International buyer.

You send us a write up with no words limit describing in detail about your background, how and when you started and what value you can give to your buyer. We will then discuss and add or omit whatever we feel is best for your article. After that, the Blog shall be posted on our website which will not only give an opportunity to the prospective buyer searching for that product to see it but can get the sample at a very discounted shipping price through myway2india.com. The shipping charges of myway2india are very competitive and through consolidation, the buyer actually saves a lot of money that’s the reason they prefer our service. Its best service from India to the USA and Europe.

how blogs are the best way to reach out to International buyers
Your Earning in Global Currency

Better Approach to find Global Clients

how blogs are the best way to reach out to International buyers
Traits of an Exporter

Once your blog has been created we will share it with our International Shoppers. The blog shall be posted on all possible Social Media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. Our portal has excellent ranking on the Internet. We will give a complete solution to a buyer from retail shopping, buying in bulk to shipping. Your website link shall be also shared which will exponentially enhance the visibility of the products. Online shopping, cross border sourcing from India is now a new trend and why not take benefit? Our International customers take advantage of our ” Shop & Ship ” option to get Indian products through Air & Sea with huge discounts on the Shipping Cost.

How it will be free to share the blog on myway2india?

It’s a well-known fact: business needs money to survive. We have priced our service, which can make you a millionaire by adding the clients, in a way that covers our operating costs and potential customers are easily willing to afford. The Blog cost you spend shall be Zero as the discount we will give on International Shipping shall be un-matched in case you want any International packet to be shipped through us. It’s actually advertising for free!

Advertising Cost

We get thousands of International customers looking for Indian products every month. These are the potential buyers, they can contact you to supply the products. The cost for sharing is INR 10000/- for a complete blog listing for 2 years. Unlimited words plus one picture of the owner and 2 pictures of the products you want International buyers must-see. Believe us its a Jackpot. Visit us at www.myway2india.com

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