Top 5 tips for sending a parcel out of India 

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Top 5 tips for sending a parcel out of India 

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India is a vast country, big economy, shopping paradise and a perfect destination to source products. Sending a shipment of any size from an envelope to a 100 kg sample/shipment is a very easy process as long as we follow a few guidelines.In this article, we will discuss top 5 important tips to keep in mind while sending a parcel out of India. A shipper can be an exporter sending his samples or commercial shipment, a person sending Gifts to his loved ones living abroad or can be a foreigner who has come for a holiday and shopping to India, a student planning application for a degree in a foreign University. We make shipping from India fast, easy for you.


Shipping from India

Top 5 tips to send a parcel out of India

The most important factor is to follow law of the land. will help you with few shipping regulations and tips you should keep in mind while sending a packet out of India.


  1. Please write complete address that means it should have a Zip Code and a contact number of the recipient.
  2. Keep a photocopy of your KYC documents like Adhaar Card, PAN Card ready to be sent along with the shipment. It’s a must these days otherwise the shipment will not go.
  3. A custom Invoice is required for Samples or Gift to be sent abroad it should clearly mention the content, quantity and total price of goods completely and accurately. If you are shipping through myway2india the customs documentation is done free of cost and with accuracy.
  4.  Avoid sending Medicines, Powder and Liquid items as you will be required to furnish a lot of paperwork and even if you do Airlines can refuse to carry it. We recommend shippers to also be aware of the shipping restrictions and prohibitions of the recipient country.
  5. While sending gifts or business sample abroad keep in mind the Duty & Taxes can be levied at the destination. It is advisable not to send Gifts worth more than INR 20000. Also please understand rules and regulations are different in a different destination. In most circumstances, the recipient of the parcel is responsible for paying the customs duty ( if levied ) but if you want it reversed and billed to you it can be done.


Transit Time From India

 How many days would it take to get a parcel delivered to the US or Europe?

the best courier service from India to the USA

 It depends on the mode you choose the fastest is myway2india which has best deals with most of the International shipping brands like the DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex. It takes 2 working days to deliver for non-dutiable parcels.

How many days does it take to deliver from India to Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong?

It takes a maximum of 2 days.


How many days does it take for a parcel to get delivered in China, Japan, S.Korea, Gulf countries?

 It takes 2 to 3 working days for a door to door delivery.


Rest of the World the deliveries take a maximum of 4-5 working days.


If you plan to send a parcel WhatsApp at +91-9811266614 

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