Top 5 courier companies to Ship globally from India

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India has a lot to offer to the world and shipping plays an important part in getting the products delivered globally. In this article, we will discuss and review the top 5 International courier companies which can help you ship abroad.


Top 5 courier companies to ship globally from India
Global Delivery

DHL has been synonymous of the word international courier service from India. It is also most trusted when it comes to the global door to door delivery. The company has continuously improved utilizing the best delivery methods, excellent customer support and has implemented world-class techniques to bring the best shipping experience to the shipper.DHL India has always charged a premium for its services but has given peace of mind to the sender. It has a very high rate of timely delivery worldwide. It has booking counters all over India and has Blue Dart Express as its partner in India. Pros: Reliability, Cons: Expensive



When it comes to small or heavy shipments delivery from India to the USA nothing can beat the pricing and time-bound delivery commitment. Shipper operating from one-room office or a corporate giant everybody likes flexible, innovative delivery solutions that FedEx offers. The company can tackle any challenge in the world of global commerce.

In India, FedEx has a huge presence and foothold in most Indian business cities. Recently FedEx has appointed Mr.Raj Subramaniam a person of Indian origin as its President & Chief Operating Officer, effective March 2019. Pros: Good for USA/Europe, Cons: Not much reliable for Africa and many small nations.



UPS express is a US-based international delivery company. It is a relatively new player in the Indian market. The company offers a good international service to the USA, Europe from India. It has very few outlets in comparison to the DHL or FedEx and is mostly engaged in getting loads through its distributors who in turn get the load from smaller sub-brokers. The company does not command DHL or FedEx like standing in the Indian market.



TNT has been acquired by FedEx a US-based delivery giant in 2016. The integration of the two global companies is happening at a fast pace. The company offers the best courier service to Australia from India.TNT is also excellent in Europe so many Indian customers prefer sending packets through TNT at a reasonable price. Unlike DHL it does not have counter sales outlets where walk-in customers can book the packets. The company mostly has exporters and wholesalers feeding business.


Aramex has been the undisputed king of the Gulf region. It offers very reasonable rates for the courier from India to Dubai, India to Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. The company has good service to the Gulf countries. Lately, FedEx has started challenging it on the price front offering a competitive price for the heavy parcels from India.

Speed Post

"India Post"

Speed Post is a rush delivery arm of the Indian Postal Department. How to send an International packet from India?

  1. The parcel must be in a cloth cover, sealed along with the Identity proof of the shipper.

2. The shipper must visit the nearest post office where a queue is a frequent sight.

The postal department has come a long way from its unprofessional past. The department has now a tracking system for each packet but stands nowhere near the kind of information DHL or FedEx provides to its customers.


best international courier service

myway2india is the best international courier service provider from India. Why?

The company can help customers send an International courier from Delhi, International courier from India to the USA and more than 220 countries across the globe. It is a consolidator of the DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex offering up to 60% discount on courier charges. The customer service is live 24*7 so in case of query a customer gets an immediate reply. myway2india not only helps Indians send packets globally but also helps people living abroad to buy and ship from India. Personal Shopper services of myway2india are hugely popular with overseas shoppers. The best way to shop from India and ship to the US is myway2india. The best International courier service from Delhi is undoubtedly myway2india. The delivery to the USA, Europe, Australia, Dubai, Singapore is done within 2 to3 days from India.


myway2india is the best express delivery service provider for the reasons mentioned below.

  • Free Door Pickup
  • Handles all paperwork for Free
  • Best Customer Support
  • 2-3 Days assured delivery
  • Huge discounts – Easy on Pocket
  • All Networks under one roof

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