The insider’s guide to why myway2india is the best service for Indian Students studying abroad

"best international courier service through myway2india"
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February 22, 2019
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The insider’s guide to why myway2india is the best service for Indian Students studying abroad

"benefits of studying abroad for Indian students"

The Universities in the US,UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand are putting in their best effort to attract Indian students to join diverse courses being offered in their campuses.Indian Students studying abroad are increasing by leaps and bounds every year.

Almost every home in Indian Metro city has either a family member settled or studying abroad.More and more students are opting as aspirations are moving faster than prosperity. Another reason is lack of quality education back home. Many students complain of not getting good teachers here.

Educated Parents

Most of the students in India are bright and are from a middle-class background where the parents know the value of good education. They motivate the children to do their best in education because they feel its the best way to move up in life. They encourage their children to go for the best Degrees the world can offer even if that means an enormous financial burden on them. They have a noble aim to make their children successful.

"benefits of studying abroad for Indian students"

Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

International Exposure

Indian Students Studying abroad get an opportunity to see the World. Students get to know different cultures, customs and most importantly get a chance to understand global teaching methods. Indian students have the opportunity to see in depth the country they are studying in. Most of the time students do travel to neighboring countries which further adds to the exposure.

Global Education

A completely new style of education helps a student to expand his/her intellectual horizons. Many students take up the subjects which are not taught in their own country thus give them a field to explore and find employment.

Develop Language Skills

This is the best opportunity to learn a new or get command in a foreign language a student can totally immerse himself in a new language. It adds value to his resume when he has command on an additional language.

International Career Opportunities

A number of students find International job opportunities with major multinational companies. They get employment of their choice and settle abroad.

Personal Development

When a student is on his own in a new country it provides him a huge opportunity to develop personal skills and become more confident in coming life.It brings out the independent nature of the student. Most of Indian families try not to put any pressure on the children and most of their work gets done by other family members. When you are abroad there is nobody to help you you are on your own. This boosts the confidence level of the student and he surely excels in his life.

How Indian Parents can send a parcel their children studying abroad?

Love for a child is life long. Indian parents who have children studying abroad always want to be connected with them. Skype,Whatsapp and many other communication tools have made life much more easy. Parents can sleep without any worry after talking to their wards but what if they want to wish them with a Birthday Gift or homemade ladoos which is so yummy to your children. helps you send these parcels of any size or volume at a very nominal cost.

Most of the parents in India do not know that myway2india is a platform which can help them in the following ways:

"best international courier service through myway2india"
Connecting Indian parents with their children studying abroad
  • Advise on what parents should send
  • Helps in packing
  • Free Door pickup in Delhi/NCR
  • All possible networks like DHL/Fedex etc under one roof
  • Door delivery to 220 countries
  • Do all the custom related paperwork parents relieved of this workload
  • Discounts of up to 60% on the delivery cost
  • Send now pay later
  • All methods of payment accepted lik Paytm ,Cheque,Cash,Bank transfer,Credit Card
  • Ensure fast delivery worldwide
  • 24*7 customer support

Indian students and their International student friends studying abroad can avail the shopping services of myway2india which gives them shopping option along with global shipping service. They now have the luxury of buying from India which can not only save money but gives them an opportunity to buy unique indian products by click of their mouse. They can also use Personal Shopper services of myway2india to get customized products.

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