The Insider Guide to Cross-Border Shopping / Sourcing from India

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October 7, 2018
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The Insider Guide to Cross-Border Shopping / Sourcing from India

Indian Shopping

Buy from India

The Insider Guide to Cross-Border Shopping / Sourcing from India

India is a shopper’s paradise!  A customer looking for a nice western wear or fashion jewelry in the US would find it for $ 500, a similar dress with high class International standard fabric can be bought from an Indian online store for less than $ 100! Even if the shopper adds shipping cost it would still be 50% less than offered in the US or any other country.

If you are looking for something Unique to Buy, India will never disappoint you.

Indian online shopping is attracting fashion designer to a bargain hunter alike. The utility and significance of online shopping in India especially for Apparels, Fashion Accessories, Herbal Products, Leather Bags etc can no longer be ignored. Myway2india a shopping, shipping, consolidation and Global delivery company help more and more people to buy Indian products with 24-hour support services. Although it takes a day or two extra to deliver goods out of India through DHL/FedEx still after consolidation the customer saves hugely due to discounted shipping rates of myway2india, low production cost and no payouts to the middlemen.

The Challenge an International Customer faces while online shopping from India

1. Most Online Stores do not deliver outside India

2. Many do not accept International Cards or payments

3. The shipping cost is very high as compared to the cost of the product

4. Online stores have little idea of doing the paperwork for customs

5. Shoppers need an Indian address or someone to check the quality

5. If an online shopper wants to buy from multiple stores each one will charge its own shipping rates

International online shoppers need a company like which can take care of all their needs from providing Indian address for Delivery, Personal Shopper Service for Customized shopping, consolidation of the purchases to worldwide delivery at a discounted price.

Indian Diaspora is also driving sales of the cross-border shopping in India. There are more than 10 million people of Indian origin living in different parts of the World. They buy Indian Ethnic dresses for themselves. Indian Costume Jewelry is a rage few can overlook.

Indian online shoppers are also buying cross-border products, the total number of shipments from China. Hong Kong and the US to India is close to 150000 per day.

The growth of International online sales will help companies to sell products directly to consumers which cuts down middlemen, Distributors, Importers, who are part of any business transaction. It’s the consumer who actually benefits and gets the rational pricing.

Tracking of the Purchased Goods

When a customer places an order online he gives myway2india address for delivery of goods where all his purchases are collected, repacked ( if needed ) and dispatched to his address anywhere in the World through DHL/FedEx or Post. The tracking number is shared with the consumer immediately. Every packet is monitored and the consumer is always delighted once his purchases are delivered to him.

The customers looking for very cheap shipping charges are advised to use the Indian Foreign Postal service which usually takes 10-15 days to deliver the packet.

What Should You Buy from India?

1. Apparels

2. Sari

3. Shawls

4.Costume Jewelry

5. Herbal Henna

6. Leather Jackets

7. Shoes

8. Indian Cooking Books

9. Art and Craft

10. Indian Ethnic Wear

11. Yoga Products

12. Handicrafts

13. Home Décor Products

15. Musical Instruments

16. Ayurvedic Products

17. Paintings

18. Carpets & Rugs

19. Brassware

20. Marble Decoration Souvenirs

Not only this there are boundless business opportunities one can explore in India & myway2india can be part of the deal.

Do you need services of a Personal Shopper or an Agent?

A brand or a product that has an impact on your mind, plan to buy it but are hesitant due to fitting issues, the seller does not send abroad, a particular product you need to buy but have no idea where to find it or you simply have a customized shopping need. The only company which can help you with such customized shopping requirement is myway2india. Myway2india is the pioneer of Personal Shopper services in India, it’s a support service to the Global Clients looking for Indian products. It gives peace of mind, confidence that the ordered merchandise shall be bought by a reputed organization and for sure the merchandise will be Door delivered with huge savings on the shipping cost.

The personal Shoppers are highly trained, educated and polite. Whether you are an individual buyer or businessmen looking to get some samples of Indian products you can now easily get them.

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