India’s First AI supermarket in Kochi

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India’s First AI supermarket in Kochi

AI store in India
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Artificial Intelligence Store in India


                           India’s first AI grocery store does not have everything we hate – long queues & slow cashiers. This supermarket utilizes a mixture of AI, camera technology and sensors enabling it to work 24/7 unmanned. Now just enter, choose, buy, leave this is what ” Watasale , a tech-driven startup in Kochi is promising.

At this fully-automated store at the city’s Gold open-air marketplace Grande Mall, customers get a primary expertise of what searching with none human interface looks like. Quite like Amazon Go, the Kochi-based startup aims to duplicate the same experience for Indian customers.

The store is open 24 hours and to pay for groceries all you need to do is install the Watasale app on mobile phone-it would automatically scan the QR code once you enter. The client can select any product and add it to cart within the app or remove, the sensors will do everything else for the customer. Once the shopper walks out, the shop debits the money from the card.

High-end technology supports the supermarket in all aspects it gives the inventory check to the store manager,stock-in and stock-outs get updated instantly, its simply a click away for the Indian shoppers to search out whether or not the merchandise they need is offered or not even before they walk into the supermarket.

Shopping in India in a store like this is a step forward to the AI world , watasale plans to expand such stores in Bengaluru and New Delhi in close future.

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