How to Start Export from India article of your Dreams

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How to Start Export from India article of your Dreams

how to start export from India

India is considered to be one of the best places for shopping or importing unique products by overseas buyers. This article will focus on how to start export from India in detail. The turnover of the Indian e-commerce market will cross $ 150 Billion by 2022, which is huge and any entrepreneur must look at this number if he plans to increase business manifold. Overseas sales have few benefits over the Indian e-commerce market. Firstly, the internet boom has made life simpler for any person planning to sell products abroad all you need a good website and Paypal for money transactions. Secondly, a product may find itself in a refreshingly unique position in an overseas market as compared to the oversaturation it might face in the domestic one. Thirdly it gives a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to the budding exporter also the exchange rate helps in increasing the profits.

A ROBUST strategy is required before making the decision to enter a foreign market. Doing without a written plan may be disastrous. The important factors to consider before entering an overseas market are:

  • Do you have guts to take the risk
  • Recognizing potential markets
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Shipping Costs
  • IEC Code Registration
  • AD Code Registration
  • LUT Registration
  • Once you have done these registrations and calculations and zeroed in on a potentially lucrative market, you can look for ways to enter it. There are many ways to enter overseas markets like start posting the products on various export-oriented websites, participating in International fairs etc.

The online marketplace has opened doors for traders and manufacturers to sell their products globally


Alibaba is the best site to start with for beginners, its world’s leading site for global trade provides opportunities to Indian exporters to list their products and get an opportunity to sell abroad.

Join as a free member and apply for Gold Supplier Membership to gain credibility. You should create a detailed company profile with a maximum number of products displayed.

As an entrepreneur avail of the value-added services that come with Premium membership for greater product visibility and sales. These services are:

  • Extra inquiries package
  • Product Posting Service
  • Product Showcase


And here is how you can sell on Amazon from India:

With a consistent increase in online purchasing trends, startups are shifting their businesses to online platforms. As mentioned above, e-commerce in India is consistently booming. Hence, how to sell on Amazon from India is a trend as it gives an easy platform with robust selling options and payout methods.

If you have your physical products to sell, you can create an account on Amazon. Amazon will be the right place for beginners because they have an excellent reputation in the online retail world. Amazon India offers an inclusive platform for sellers from different cities in India.


The best site for handicraft manufacturers and traders which lists Indian sellers. Although this is just a one-way street – This website does not deliver in India. Etsy does not provide shipping and logistics services for its Indian sellers, so these responsibilities have to be borne by the vendors themselves. The best way to ship products out of India is to have a tie-up with myway2india which will provide you with time-bound International delivery to the customers.


Want to explore the International market? the best and cheapest way is listing the products on this website. You may mail details of your company and products. myway2india will write an article that will be shared on Social Media and other platforms. The listing of products is absolutely free and with thousands of International customers every day, it gives you an opportunity to sell abroad. myway2india has excellent door to door, port to port delivery service with excellent pricing, which further reduces the pressure. You can also use myway2india services to send your packets abroad. The benefit is low cost plus assured delivery in 2-3 working days. Contact myway2india for your shipping needs anytime.

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