How Holi Celebrations changed how we think about India

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How Holi Celebrations changed how we think about India

"Holi Celebration in India"

Holi is one of most enjoyed,revered and celebrated festivals of India and it’s celebrated in virtually every part of the country. it’s generally referred to as the “festival of love” as on this day folks get to unite, forgetting all resentments and any unhealthy feeling towards one another. The Holi celebrations start in the evening of Purnima or the Full Moon Day in the month of Falgun. Holika Dahan is done one day prior to Holi and is called Choti Holi.

Importance of Holi

Holi is the festival of colours which brings positivity in our lives, without colours and happiness what would be our life? Holi is one of the most important festivals of Hindus after Diwali at least in Northern India although it is celebrated in each part of India with utmost joy and enthusiasm. The ritual starts by lighting up the bonfire one day before the day of Holi and this is considered as a symbol of the triumph of God over the Evil. On the day of Holi people play with colours with their friends and family members.

Preparation for Holi

The Holi festival makes markets abuzz with activity as shoppers start preparations for the festival. Most of the people buy colour ( Gulal ), water balloons and children buy Pichkari to throw water on each other from a distance. Pichkaris now come with modern designs and various shapes downing images of favourite cartoon characters to lure the children. Women start preparing delicious Indian delicacies but the most favourite in Holi is sweet dish none other than famed Gujiya.

Holi Famous Songs

"Holi Celebration in India"

Such is the importance of Holi festival that almost every Hindi film has a mention of word Holi or a song dedicated to Holi or a scene which depicts the Holi festival. Bollywood has indeed portrayed the mood of Holi from time to time. It’s a usual plot where Hero and heroine will drench each other in coloured water accompanied by tens of support dancers making merry in the background. No Holi celebration is complete without the famed Amitabh Bachan number ” Rang Barse Bheege Chunariya ” which can easily be called as Holi Anthem of India. Another recent movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani with cast Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone has a hit song ” Balam Pichkari” which is very popular amongst the youth of the country is played almost in every dance floor in the Holi festival.

Holi Celebrations in India & Abroad

"Holi Celebration in India"

The spirit of Holi is just beyond the imagination which is something seen to be believed impossible to express in words. The festival is celebrated in various parts of India but its immensily popular in North India.

Holi in Mathura

The birthplace of Holi celebrations in Mathura Vrindavan, the festival is linked to the youth of the lord Krishna when he played it with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm with his friends. The mention of him playing Holi is often shown in Hindu Temples and also in local folk songs. In modern times Mathura has a unique way of celebration where it called ” latthmaar Holi ” means hitting men with sticks by the women. The Holi is played in the premises of the Radha Rani Temple in Barsana town, considered to be the birthplace of Goddess Radha.

Apart from Mathura other popular places where it is celebrated are Delhi, Bengal, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab,Uttar Pradesh, Assam and some parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Holi Celebrations Abroad

Holi knows no Boundaries. Across the world wherever people of Indian origin are present Holi is celebrated with full enthusiasm and gusto. The essence of any festival is to enjoy life and Holi brings something to cheer to everyone playing with colour and water with music numbers playing in the background. Indians settled abroad find it very important to celebrate as it connects them with their roots. At times we can see more enthusiasm in them then their Indian counterparts. Just like in India people settled abroad find it as a reason to catch up with friends, have sweets and develop new relationships. Holi is celebrated in every country nowadays but has significant reach in the USA, Canada, Australia, WestIndies, Mauritius, Nepal, South Africa and Singapore.

Holi Gifts and Shopping

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