How Germans can Shop from India?

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April 7, 2019
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How Germans can Shop from India?

shopping services from India to Germany

Hi friends of Germany. Namaste. Online Shopping in India made simple.

Thousands of Online stores selling unique Indian products like Cotton Dresses,Indian Wear,Unique Jewelry,Home Decor,Handicrafts,Bags,Herbal Creams, and millions of other products which you cannot find anywhere in the World.

blue Pottery of Rajasthan
Blue Pottery

As the number of Germans increase as a tourist in India coupled with more and more Indians getting the Blue Card the interaction between the two cultures is growing manifolds. Now you have the previledge of Shopping in India while sitting on your Sofa in Berlin,thanks to shopping support services of

Shopping is now just few clicks away. If the website does not deliver outside India or does not accept an International Card no issues anymore. No fees , No Membership just shop and give your Indian Delivery Address. Everything will be delivered to your Door anywhere in Germany within next few days.

Want to sell your products in India? let us know. We will help you establish your business here. If you plan to source and import Indian products just let us know. The job will be done.

shopping in India from a Store
Shop From India
Ajay Singh Makhloga , Founder
Ajay Singh Makhloga

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