How Dreamland Publications became the Best Children Books publisher in India?

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How Dreamland Publications became the Best Children Books publisher in India?

Ved Prakash Chawla,Dreamland Publications

Ved Prakash Chawla, Founder Dreamland Publications

If my books can help children with understanding the basic concepts easily, my job as a publisher is accomplished” – V.P.Chawla, CEO, Dreamland Publications, the best children books publisher in India.

How did the Journey start?

Dreamland Publications now a well-established world-class brand of quality children books and charts for school education has a humble beginning in the year 1986 in Nai Sadak, in the Chandni Chowk which lies in Old Delhi. Ved Chawla the founder was born on 24/1/1956 to Mr.Navneet Rai & Mrs.Parmeshwari Devi. The family migrated to India from Lahore, Pakistan after the partition in 1947. His father was also in the publishing industry was running a small enterprise, Indian Book Depot. Today undoubtedly the Dreamland Publications is the best children book publisher in India.

Mr.Chawla is a well-known name in the publishing industry, having 40+years of experience he is a visionary, generous person with many awards to his credit.

Quiz Time – Kaun Banega Crorepati

Quiz Time by Dreamland Publications

In the year 2000, a quiz show hosted by India’s most popular film star, Mr.Amitabh Bachan, Kaun Banega Crorepati was a huge success. This show is still very popular after decades & still presented by Mr.Amitabh Bachan. Mr.Chawla an intelligent and far-sighted businessman saw a great opportunity and launched a book titled ” Quiz Time ” which sold over 6 million copies! this proved to be a turning point in the history of Dreamland Publications. The readers were delighted by the huge general knowledge content present in the book. Everyone wanted to participate in the show to become a millionaire so knowledge was to be brushed up.

Aman Chawla joins in the year 2005

This year Aman Chawla the elder son of Mr.Chawla joined the family business. He is a work alcoholic, taskmaster, troubleshooter, and a go-getter. This further boosted the sales and the launch of new titles became frequent. The Activity Books, Coloring Books, Board Books,Pre-School Books of the dreamland publications have been sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Dreamland Publications best children books publisher

Anuj Chawla joins the team in 2008

The younger brother of Mr.Aman Chawla joined the family business in the year 2008. He carries his expertise in the Digital field and has been an important pillar of the Dreamland Publications since then. He senses new opportunities in the online marketing field which created a new niche to work on. Now the company has been selling products on the most popular websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

International Exposure & Exports

Dreamland Publications
Dreamland Stall
the best children books publisher
The Best Children Books Publisher

Mr.Chawla took both his sons to the frankfurt book fair in the very first year of their joining in order to give them first-hand experience of the Global Publishing Industry. Buy from India the best quality children’s books at reasonable pricing. Dreamland Publications has been attending International Book Fairs since 2007 which gives the global community a chance to see the high quality, world-class children books of the publication. the company has attended all major book fairs in London, Bologna, Sharjah, frankfurt on a regular basis every year.

Best Sellers

The company has divided the titles on the basis of the child’s activity and behavior. myway2india recommends international buyers to visit the website and order the best quality books for import or personal use. The best books can be found under different segments like

You will find books having grammatically correct and simple sentences so that a child is always engaged and loves reading. Illustrations clearly explain the text and are made by renowned artists in the books. The feel, printing, binding, lamination of the books is the best in the world. The books are printed in 4-color printing machines which make the pages clearer. The books are priced economically so that children can afford them within India or Abroad.

Gift Book Combos Globally

Giving someone a good book is pretty much sending them on a mental vacation for free,books are a highly affordable way to shower your loved young ones with affection. Sure, there’s the occasional pricey hardcover, but not with Dreamland Publications. They ensure you get worth for every penny spent. If you are a global buyer myway2india can ensure door delivery at a price that will be easy on the pocket with 100% reliability. You may pay via Paypal after the delivery.

the best chi

Gifting a book is really giving a story, and stories last forever. Stories worm their way into your subconscious brain and dig in with their sharp little story claws. Give someone a book, and you slither into their brain forever. If you have a little one at home or at any corner of the world it would be delivered in maximum of 2-4 working days.

A project which can change the face of Printing and Publishing in India

Dreamland Publications has the vision to make India 100% literate by providing world-class books at affordable pricing. The project which is the brainchild of the founder Mr.V.P.Chawla will have state-of-the-art digital printing technology. Literacy is the key to the development of any country it inculcates skill development, moral values and general awareness of the opportunities. India has many Multinational companies taking advantage of a huge consumer base but unfortunately, the education sector is neglected by potential investors which look it as a government responsibility.

Dreamland Publications has the vision, expertise, experience, knowledge and is looking for a potential high net worth company or investor to collaborate in a highly rewarding venture. This project is worth 500 crores Indian rupees and will print and publish books, journals, etc. The project can return all the investment in a matter of 3 years. Hopefully, once started this will be similar to Disney which will attract children and parents alike towards real education in an entertaining manner. The investor can contact Mr.Chawla for details anytime.


The need to educate children is the duty of every family, society, community, and country. The task to initiate this is in our hands. We must buy books that create interest, easy to understand for the little mind and easy on the pocket, dreamland publications are just that source. Selling within India and to more than 40 countries makes it a sure bet for quality.

If you find this blog interesting, informative share it with your business associates and the loved once. ANY QUESTIONS? kindly drop in your comments I will be happy to reply back.

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