Hand Painted Serving Tray

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Hand Painted Serving Tray

Unique Wooden Hand-painted tray
Hand Painted Unique Serving Tray from myway2india
13’*9″ $ 80

The Unique Serving Tray for Home or Food Outlet

A guest is the most important person on our premises. How we serve that person speaks volume about our class and taste. A serving tray if unique will definitely draw attention, a visual delight for the guest. A serving tray is much more than a tool for carrying food or beverages they are the presenter of the meal.

best hand painted serving tray at best price
13″*5″ USD 80
( Inclusive of Global Shipping )
handpainted unique serving tray
11″*6″ USD 60

HandPainted Coasters

10cm*10cm*1.5cm Set of Four USD 40
Multi-colored Wooden Hand-painted coasters

India is a country that offers a wide variety of handcrafted products a hand-painted coaster on the table will add value to the table. It will be the attention of a different order when someone sees it, appreciates your choice.

We are sharing some of the best wooden hand-painted trays and coasters for your buying consideration. In order to avoid an accident, the serving tray has a proper size and sturdy handle.

wooden natural multi colored coasters that last permanently
Size : 10cms*10cms*1.5cms Set of four USD 40
Wooden Natural Colored Coasters that last permanently

The Trays & Coasters are priced with shipping charges for any International destination. The trays have antique finish brass handles. There is no minimum quantity required for global orders. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or Paypal link on the home page of our website myway2india.com

ajay singh makhloga
Ajay Singh Makhloga
founder, myway2india.com

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