Google Might Launch a ” Shopping Tab ” in India 

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October 16, 2018
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Google Might Launch a ” Shopping Tab ” in India 

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Indian Jewelry

Google Might Launch a ” Shopping Tab ” in India 

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It seems Google is entering the e-commerce space in India, Google is adding a Shopping tag to its searching engine Google along with Images, Maps, News, etc. Indian online market is showing exponential growth a company like Google is also looking forward to reaping the benefits.

Wish to shop for something? Just search for it, you will see a ” Shopping tag ” to immediately find where you can buy it and at what price. These could be online, offline or other sources. According to reports, Google can launch it by the end of this year. Google hopefully will start this free for some time. The retailers will be able to add on their product details which Google will promote as per its own algorithm and marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking for unique products or common articles of daily use it will create a new platform and option for the potential buyers. Online shopping user base of India is above 490 million as of July 2018 about 40% of the population, only behind China in the world. The e-commerce penetration in India is low as compared to the USA with 84% or France with 81% but its sharply growing at an unprecedented rate adding a whopping around 6 million entrants every month.

According to Google India Research, by 2021 India is expected to generate $100 Billion online shopping business out of which $ 35 Billion will be fashion e-commerce. Every day as many as 100000+ websites are registered daily.

It seems Google’s Shopping tag project is no different from what Amazon did with its in India before it launched its own e-commerce website. Google is on a much stronger wicket and apart from just listing the details of the availability of a product you are searching for, the shopping tag could present to you the information in different ways, based on price or location and might suggest something better! Google can use the collected data through the shopping tag to know the customer likings and use them as and when it has its own e-commerce platform in India.

Google is already in talks with sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm Mall to feature the products and provide links to their sites from the search engine’s site. It seems India is bound to leap forward very strongly towards robust online shoppers. The online shopping will not only benefit the Indian consumers but also International shoppers who plan to buy from India. With companies like myway2india which are actually a shopping support service cross-border shopping from India is certainly moving towards a pole position.

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