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myway2india is an upcoming export house based in New Delhi. India has so much to offer to the world. We as a shopping, shipping, and sourcing website connect with people of various nationalities who are interested in buying Indian products. Many want to start a business by Importing and earning a handsome return by selling in their respective countries. We take this opportunity to offer a unique export service from India.

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Export-Import Services from India

Indian Goods and Services in Demand across the world

Textiles and Clothing

India is a land of fabrics, and there are various kinds of beautiful fabrics that one can find in this country. There is a special bond with clothing and textile in this land, and thus you can specialize in this segment and grow as an exporter to the foreign lands as they prefer our fabrics. The most demanded from India are beddings and homeware items as well as industrial materials.

Jewelry and Gems

 Jewelry has always been recognized as part and parcel of Indian culture, and thus India has also enormous resources of precious stones and gems which are not only in demand but are scarce. The major items which are in demand in the International market are unique or rare stones, gems, gold jewelry and exceptional designs for silver jewelry. The initial investment for this business would be a little higher than the others, but the demand is increasing which is a favorable sign for you to begin if you are seeking similar opportunities from India.

Food Products

 If you are thinking of importing food items in your country, then I would say you are on the right track already. Especially, if you are thinking of supplying tea as Indian tea is famous across the globe and the demand is unparallel which makes the ground for a perfect import business for you. The other food products which you can concentrate on for the International market is Indian spices. If you buy in bulk as the price is way lower and then sell these products in your market at a way higher prices.

Leather goods for fashion and sport wear

 The leather business has always been considered as one of the most profit-making business but risky as well if not done with proper legal permission. The leather goods which are in demand in the global market from the Indian sellers are leather footwear, fashion items, and accessories as well as different sports items. The luggage or travel bags and items are also on the list which constitutes the demand for Indian leather items.

Software Services

Information technology and software services in India are one of the cheapest around the world, and thus can be outsourced. You can start your software or IT firm with few employees and with proper contacts in India, you can provide various support and other services to their business entities.

With the ever growing need of IT services across the different segments of the business, you have an ample opportunity to grow this business within a short span of the item if you have the right knowledge. Though the competition is fierce in this market, there is still fresh opportunities every day.

IT services or software making is not dying out in the recent future as technology is driving the world today, it can be hoped that this business would only grow to certain heights if handled with the proper thought process. The most critical services that are demanded by the Global companies are website development and design and software generation and IT outsourcing services.

Industrial Materials

 The Indian market for industrial material has also boomed in the last few years with the new technologies and skilled labor. In global markets, there is a demand for material fabrication services and products like bearings, materials used in building and construction, vehicles, tools for other processes. The cost of labor and material is cheap in India and thus if you can hold a market position in your country, then you have a good chance to expand and make a profit from your business.

Creative Goods and Services

Indian artistes are always recognized as one of the most original ones out of the whole lot across the world and out art and craft have been fantastic throughout time unknown. There are lots of gift items, interior designing items that are shipped from India at a very high price level and the business is genuinely one of the most profits making one.

myway2india can help you source whatever you want from India with the best shipping, door to door or port to port. It offers a unique export service from India.

Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has made export a top priority for his government. India will be developing new products and will be a manufacturing and export hub in the coming years with a target of becoming $ 5 Trillion economy by the year 2024.

We want to contribute to the dream of making India a developed and prosperous nation by facilitating exports. We can help people from all across the globe to find what’s best for them from India. We keep uploading blog’s where we share what people can shop or source from India in detail.

The buyers who are looking for some reliable partner can approach us without any hesitation. The size of the order does not matter we can fulfill any requirement.

Ajay Singh Makhloga
Ajay Singh Makhloga
the writer is the founder of myway2india.com
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