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Why Import from India via myway2india a safer, faster and cheaper option?

Most of the global importers would understand the value of engaging an export broker in India. Many will disagree and often say ” I can do it myself, why pay, need to cut the cost”, but after spending time on useless issues, wasting energy and loss of money they would realize and try to find a hand-holder or brokerage company like myway2india to get the goods from India with actually saving a lot of money and energy.

What problems can you face without us?

There is a lot that can go wrong and bring problems to a person who has started his/her business of Import from India.

Paid Money but the contact is not responding satisfactorily.

Received samples but the container has products not matching the quality of the samples.

Before the advance payment, everything was dealt with after payment it turned out that it would not be possible to proceed as agreed and you may have to shell out ” extra “.

Delay or excuses in the production or transport of goods.

These are just a few situations one can face but there can be more for a customer, who wanted to import without myway2india brokerage services. Also, all the above-mentioned issues occurred or had one common point, they did not want to pay for a broker service fee ( 2 to 6% ) of the invoice value.


Not necessarily as engaging us could have actually saved a lot of money plus peace of mind as a by-product!

Top 10 advantages of importing Indian goods with myway2india

1. Sourcing, Shipping and Quality control all under one roof.myway2india is a shipping company also, it has added the advantage of best shipping rates whether AIR or SEA with a better guarantee of on-time shipment delivery.

2. A broker in India to take care of everything which can bother our business or your order. We will contact the Indian suppliers to buy the goods, do proper quality check as if you are present here and then ship to your country. We speak the local language know every inch of India will never allow any dirty trick to happen with us.

3. The exporter or supplier or manufacturer values myway2india as we give them regular bulk business with the possibility of adding more customers to their fold. The Indian supplier treats us completely different and will always give us ” a better price”. This better price will save you more than what you pay us for our service.

4. A Local Advantage – As an importer or someone trying to establish his/her business you are bound to commit certain mistakes which can have unpleasant consequences. As a local company, we know the nitty-gritty of the market.We avoid them before they actually pop up thus saving a lot of effort and money.

5. Better Suppliers- Once we know what you actually want we go on supplier hunting and many of the best suppliers are not even available on the internet or Alibaba. The best suppliers with decent pricing may not be listed anywhere or can be operating from a corner of India not easily accessible. like tribal craftsmen, they do not even know a word of English but have excellent products. Such manufacturers can produce high-quality goods at the lowest possible price for you.

6. Save on transport as well as on sampling cost as we have the best rates through DHL/FedEx you can save a lot on it. We have the cheapest option available for not urgent samples via India Post.

7. Peace of Mind – We ensure our customer to have complete freedom and enjoy the work. It should not be an unpleasant experience. We work day and night for customer delight.

8. Indian Office and Address – Once associated with us you have access to our office, team and all possible support in India. Be assured of all kind of cooperation from us.

9. Shopping & Personal Shopper Service- We are shopping support service as well so if you plan to buy India products online, give our delivery address we will consolidate the purchases. We will then door deliver it globally with all kinds of shipping options Rush or Delayed.

10. Long Term Association- We treat our customers as our friends looking for something from our beloved India. In a way, we appreciate that you are giving us an opportunity to sell our products in your country. We are always looking for long term business relationships. Relationship-based on mutual respect, trust and adding value to whatever we do.

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