Which is the best courier service from India to Japan?

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April 9, 2019
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Which is the best courier service from India to Japan?

States of Japan


Japan is one of the biggest trading partners of India. The Indian products have the ability to touch you and move you in a whole new way that you never imagined possible. Indian products are in great demand in Japan and if you plan to send a packet to Japan then myway2india is the best courier service from India to Japan. The packet will get delivered within 3 working days anywhere in Japan.

Just give us a call on 9811266614 from anywhere in Delhi/NCR your pick up shall be done within 1-2 hours. We also encourage the Japanese to buy from India. India has thousands of online stores that sell unique Indian products but many do not ship to Japan or don’t accept International Cards. We also help Indian exporters to sell their products in Japan.

shop from India to Japan

India to Japan Shopping Services

myway2india has made a special effort to encourage the Japanese to buy Indian products by providing special services like paying on their behalf to the supplier providing best possible shipping rates and many more services which can help the buyers.

What Japanese know about India?

What a common Japanese learn at school about India is:
– There are many languages.
– There is a very complicated caste system.
– Mahatma Gandhi is a great person.
– When they achieved their independence, they had to divide their country as India and Pakistan.

Why Japan needs India?

Japan now sees a rising India as another like-minded and stable democratic country which has already had a restraining effect on China’s aggression. Moreover, Japan is under a lot of pressure from the US for compensation in exchange for the security it offers to Japan.

Maybe, the Japanese have concluded that rather than pay hard cash to a foreign military force to guard their country, why not use that money to bolster their own defence capabilities? If in future, that is what happens, then the US forces will withdraw from Japan, leaving it to fend for itself. That’s when Japan will need strong allies in Asia to deal with China. India is one of those strong Asiatic allies that Japan is looking for.

Top 10 values Indians must learn from the Japanese

  1. Japanese are extremely nice, polite and honest
  2. Culture: Just like in India, the Japanese appeared to be very bound to their culture and yet have found ways to incorporate the Western culture in their day to day lives.
  3. Punctuality
  4. Cleanliness: As we know some Indians are happy to litter, the Japanese are extremely clean. Even the streets in the busiest of markets are clean to the extent that they appear to be washed down 5 minutes ago
  5. Patriotism
  6. Food: Japanese food is very decorative, colorful and well presented. Seafood, unlike India, is extremely fresh and even sushi which is raw does not have any fishy smell
  7. Etiquette
  8. Organized and perfect
  9. Shinkansen (Bullet Train) or any public transport is shinning clean all the time.
  10. Follow the Rules and be disciplined

What myway2india does for the Japanese?

myway2india provides shopping, export, and sourcing of Indian products to the Japanese. If you want to import or shop Handicrafts, Textile, Indian Wear, Western Wear, Leather Jackets, Paintings, Sculptures, Herbal Tea, Ayurvedic Medicines, Purses or anything else please go ahead you have the following Indian Address for Delivery fo Products.

Buy from Multiple Indian Online Websites

shop and ship from India

Our personal shopper service is also available for any kind of customized requirement. We usually ship through the DHL, FedEx and for non-urgent parcels the Indian Post.

You may reach us 24 Hours on WhatsApp: +91-9811266614

Ajay Singh Makhloga founder of myway2india
Ajay Singh Makhloga

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