Archives of Indian Craft Museums & Design Centres

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Archives of Indian Craft Museums & Design Centres

Crafts Museum New Delhi

In this article, we would introduce you to the world of Indian Craft Museums and learning centers. India is home to a number of Craft Museums, Art Galleries, Design Centers, Handicraft Development Centers where you can find what best India can offer, the centers have a large collection of beautiful specimens of designs, crafts, photographs, and craft products, etc. Master artisans, with their inherited tradition, art, knowledge, and understanding of different types of designs, have earned national recognition also get a chance to showcase their unique Indian crafts.

The central, as well as state governments, have done a tremendous job by setting up design training institutes and revival of craftsmen.

The Calico Museum of Textiles

The museum situated in Ahmedabad is the premier textile museum of India. The vast collection of Indian textiles makes it one of a kind in the world. The museum is managed by Sarabhai foundation. The head of one of the great families of entrepreneurs in the textile industry, Ambalal Sarabhai, the inspiration of good taste survived in his family. Gira Sarabhai, the main catalyst in the collection of unique fabrics brought them to this museum.

the world famous calico museum in ahmedabad
Calico Museum, Ahmedabad

The Crafts Museum, New Delhi

This is a well-organized place where every effort has been made to educate, instruct and showcase the great traditions of India. The museum has a large variety, the grace of form and shape, the true craftsmanship, the artwork to dazzle the eyes. Textiles, Wooden Handicraft, tribal art, toys, jewelry, rare paintings, temple clothes, and several old manuscripts can be seen here.

The Crafts Museum, New Delhi

Theatre Crafts Museum, New Delhi

The museum was set up by Bhartiya Natya Sangh in 1951, with the assistance of the All India Handicrafts Board, this museum has one of the rare collection of traditional dance costumes.

All India Handicrafts Board

The board came into existence in 1952 the main aim of the board is to identify problems faced by the handicraft industry and look to solving them. The Headquarters Office of the Board is at New Delhi.

The Board helps in Export promotion, quality control,planning, research, publicity, design development, and Technology. It has five regional offices situated in Lucknow, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

All India Handloom Board

The board was established in the year 1952, with an aim to promote Indian handloom textiles. Handloom weavers which are more than three million faces a lot of difficulties. Weaver Cooperatives are set up to bring the weavers together for the comman benefit, a revival and development was made in traditional pattern modes and techniques of weave and decorative motifs as well as the creation of new designs. The board creates various methods to improve financial as well as other matters related to the Handloom Industry. The Handloom board works under the Ministry of Textiles.

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