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myway2india is the first and most reliable service provider for International online shoppers. We receive your products from various websites or stores consolidate into one Box and forward it to you anywhere in the World. Thus you save hugely on shipping due to consolidation plus get benefit of our discounted rates for express services. If you are looking to source products from India then we can act as your office in India receiving all the products on your behalf photograph them so that you get to know if that is what you had ordered and deliver it from one box to container load to your home / warehouse.
Many shopping sites do not deliver abroad if you have Indian address they deliver for free. Few websites do deliver abroad but they charge exorbidant prices. We can receive products from any number of online stores club them into one box & deliver it to your address.
Except for prohibited items you can order anything. Shop online, order business samples, catalogues, home furnishing, books, clothes, handicrafts, herbal medicines, ayurvedic products etc the list is endless for India ! There are millions of products available on Indian sites to shop from .You may also use it for gifting to your dear ones a surprise with indian unique product , we will ship to him/her in any part of the Globe.
We use DHL , FEDEX , UPS , ARAMEX , TNT and for eatables , medicines EMS .
PS is designed to overcome several comman obstacles while doing online shopping a) When they do not accept International Card - We buy the product for you just send us the link b) When the website delivers only in India You want a product to be picked up from a particular location or shop . You can send us the details we will send our staff to collect from there.
This service is for Indian Companies or Individual Shippers who want to send package abroad we deliver across the Globe in 2-3 days door to door. This service is 24*7 . Free pick up is available for Delhi / NCR region .

Do you have business interest in India ? You plan to expand your business here. We can do sourcing for the samples/products you need from any part of India. Lets suppose you need few samples from different sources in different cities the sample cost can be $ 5 or 10 but shipping cost could be $ 50 let assume you need 5 samples so you would be charged $ 250 for this but we can collect them from all your suppliers, consolidate and send them for just $ 50 so you save $ 200 plus we can act as your own office, check the sample, photograph them and send to you before despatching.

If you want to sell your products in India but do not know how to enter the complex indian market then just mail us the details we will find dealers, customers for the product. You may send us product in bulk and we can also supply as and when you receive order thus saving hugely on delivery plus advantage of storage gives you additional benefit.

This service helps you order small quantities from many suppliers all shipped to your India Address then we mix the orders to one half or full container by Sea or repack in boxes and deliver by air to your door.
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Yes, if whatever you order attracts Duty in your home country because you are importing.
You may ask how Consolidation works. First of all, Consolidation is the process of combining multiple orders onto one tracking number so all your packages will be delivered together but in their original packages. Let’s say you buy the latest smartphone and a pair of T-shirts from Lacoste. Borderlinx will put the original boxes together to be treated as a single shipment, so you will receive the 2 packages at the same time.
This service is specifically for Indian resident who plan to shop from online stores in USA , Australia , U.K. , Germany and the U.K. send us the link of what you plan to buy from abroad we will make purchases , consolidate your purchases and deliver to your door in India. You have luxury of shopping on various websites plus saving on shipping due to our reasonable shipping charges and consolidation of products.
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