Business Services are you planning to expand your business to India or you want to buy products from India ? Lets assume you want a small sample which costs only Rs. 450 but shipping cost through DHL/FedEx is Rs. 2500 what will you do ? If you require samples from 4 different suppliers ! Here we come to play ask your suppliers to send samples to your myway2india address . We will check the samples send photographs to you then consolidate and get them delivered to you for say Rs.1500 all the four you save Rs. 8500 !

Second important point , if you plan to expand into Indian market send us the details of your product along with samples . We can help you find dealers / customers . We can introduce you to indian market . We can customise everything as per your wish and requirement . If you want products catalogues to be delivered to a target segment send them to us we will get them delivered in thousands all across India.

myway2india proudly presents one of the Best Business Services from India to International Market.

  • Do you want to trade with India ?
  • Do you see India as a potential market for buying or selling the products?
  • Do you want a Business Associate in India ?
  • Do you want to increase your sale?
  • Do you know India is country of 1.25 Billion with annual growth rate between 6-7 % ?
  • Do you want to source Handicrafts from India ?
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